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Life's Beginning ceremonies

"Blessed is the man whom thou choosest, and causest to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts: We shall be satisfied with the goodness of thy house, even of thy holy temple." (Psalms 65:5).

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Birth is the first leg in the journey of life, and it is customary to mark it with a meaningful spiritual Jewish ceremony, constituting the first step for the newborn boy or girl as a member of the Jewish People. Traditionally, it is customary to perform a circumcision for boys, and over the years, customs have developed of holding a similar celebration for daughters, a daughter's joy (also referred to as Zeved Habat - the gift of a daughter - or a Britah).


Life's Beginning 

The Joy of Having a Daughter 

The ceremony of the daughter' joy, or the gift of a daughter, or her Britah, is the moment in which the newly born baby girl is brought under the wings of the Divine Spirit (HaShechinah), just as the sons enter the covenant of Abraham our Ancestor through a circumcision.  
Thus, a daughter's birth may be celebrated as a spiritual event during which the new soul joins the Jewish People and begins her life journey as part of the whole of Israel.


The ceremony combines greetings, traditional and Israeli songs and other ceremonial elements that could be included in coordination with the child's parents.

A Circumcision Ceremony

The surgical procedure entailed in circumcision is performed only by certified circumcisers or physicians. Concurrently, however, a rabbi may be included as well in the circumcision ceremony, one who could perform the ceremonial and musical aspects of the rite, in coordination with members of the family.


Beyond the traditional aspects of the ceremony, celebrating the ancient covenant, the event can also incorporate personal contents such as blessings and songs, which give meaning to the moment when the newborn enters into the covenant made by Abraham our Ancestor with the Almighty. Couples who are undecided about the traditional elements of the ceremony could be advised to modify the ceremony to fit their values and cultural worldview.


A Circumcision Ceremony and the Joy of the Daughter with Rabbi Or Zohar

Rabbi Or Zohar performs the ceremonial aspect of a circumcision ceremony (the circumcision itself is always performed by a doctor or a mohel), as well as the female ceremonial equivalent.  Such activity includes singing and playing guitar, celebrating with the siblings and family the start of the newborn's life in a significantly sensitive and respectful manner, incorporating singing and playing.

For more details about  Life's Beginning ceremonies with Rabbi Or Zohar, send an inquiry

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